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Matthew 18:19-20 (God's Word) - I can guarantee again that if two of you agree on anything here on earth, my Father in heaven will accept it. Where two or three have come together in My name, I am there among them.

Jesus made this statement to his disciples... His followers... Those people who wanted to do His will.
I consider myself one of those people. So, how can i apply this verse to my life?? How can i strengthen my relationship with God by applying this principle when i am with my churchmates and friends?
I've been thinking about this quite a bit in the past couple of weeks.
What does it mean to "come together in [Jesus'] name"?
After some contemplation, reading, reflection and quite a bit of prayer, I have come to the conclusion that in order to come together in Jesus' name we must have our hearts focused on Jesus. He should be the reason you are coming together.
The common goal should be to glorify God.
When we start getting impatient or if we come together with a preconcieved notion that nothing is going to happen, we aren't focused on the same thing and we can't be called "TOGETHER".
Prayer is pivotal in these instances. If i would rather be somewhere else, i should pray about it until i'm ready to commit my heart to the discussion or the worship practice or the Bible study. But i also shouldn't have to do this alone. Everyone else gathered with me should be praying for me, too. That may be the beginning of the "coming together"! When you turn to God, it brings glory to His name and achieves the common goal!

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