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What a week... I tell ya... If it wasn't for Jesus.................. (fill in the blanks, cuz i'm sure you've had a similar type week...)
There are days when it's better to just stay in bed... But there's no growth in that, sorry to say! At the same time as it seems you are being bogged down with trials and tribulations, God is saying "come unto me"... Why should we come unto Him? Because He will give us rest... Call it what you will... Relaxation, down-time... Rest by any other name is still "chillaxation" to me :oD
You know... I once thought that my God-time should not be my rest-time, because it is so important... But Jesus says to us... Matthew 11:28 -- "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
What is rest, though? Does it mean having a nap? Sitting on a porch in the summer enjoying a breeze? Chillin' with the homies?
For me, rest is anything that doesn't drain energy out of me... Some days that's kickin' back with a good book, hangin' with friends, and some days that may be doing school work! It changes for me... Right now, i wish i had some school work; i would much rather be writing a report on choledocholithiasis than going thru all the things i am right now... My energy is being SAPPED. Right now, the time i spend with God - reading my Bible and praying - is the only time when i feel renewed or refreshed... When i spend time writing out my thoughts is a part of that time... It helps me to reinforce what God has just taught me... This is a time of reflection, when i can go over the events of the day without worrying about them. I trust God because i know he can get a handle whatever i hand over! This is my rest. In God, i rest.

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